Chilblains area common skin lesion that occur in the colder climates. They are caused by the small blood vessels not reacting properly to a change in temperature from cold to warm. They are not caused by poor circulation as those with good circulation still get them. They are caused by and inadequate response of the circulation to warming which cause the release of inflammatory mediators. This causes a red itchy painful lesions, typically of the toes. If this becomes chronic, it tends toward a more of a darkish blue color.

What can be done for chilblains? There are many things that you can do for yourself. The first thing is prevention. Keep the feet warm - wear thick socks and closed in shoes so that they feet do not get too cold. If you do get cold, then make sure that you warm up slowly so that the micro circulation has a chance to adapt to the change in temperature.

Once a chilblain does occur, then you need to prevent another one occurring or it will become a chronic problem. There are various creams that can be used to help stimulate the circulation and deal with the waste products that have accumulated in the skin.

Not a lot is know about diet changes that can help chilblains, though logically a health diet would obviously be more helpful than an unhealthy diet. There is nothing specific in the diet that is related to chilblains, though beetroot juice has been speculated.